Semi-Cassette 300

Patio Awnings 4 Less is a world leader in Semi-Cassette 300 Folding Arm awnings – one of the most novel awnings designs in the business. The compactly designed and engineered Semi-Cassette 300 Folding Arm Awning comes in a semi-cassetted format, which means that the awning fabric is protected by a cassette while metal arm projects outward.

This format – one of the biggest sellers at Patio awnings 4 Less – offers a distinct advantage by being incredibly light and versatile. The biggest advantage that Semi-Cassette 300 Folding Arm awnings offer is the fact that they do not need installation bars – instead, their fixings are mounted on the back of the arm. This makes Semi-Cassette 300 Folding Arm awnings incredibly robust and durable in almost any kid of setting. Moreover, because this format was initially designed for use in tropical regions, the unit is completely protected from rust.

Semi-Cassette 300 Folding Arm awnings once again illustrate the fact that Patio Awnings 4 Less have awnings solutions for every situation!