Square Bar 300

Square Bar 400

Improve your outdoor space with a folding arm awning system. Completely retractable and protected enclosures ensure effective protection from dirt and corrosion.Improve your outdoor space with a folding arm awning system.
With an effective reach, you’ll be surprised just how aesthetically slim and unobtrusive our folding arm awnings are when fully retracted.
Uncompromising elegance means you can find the perfect folding arm awning for retail or domestic purposes. Maximise revenue for your business or enjoy extra space in which to enjoy time with family and friends.

 semi cassette 300 awning

Semi-Cassette 300

 semi cassette 400 awning

Semi-Cassette 400

Folding arm garden awnings

At Patio Awnings 4 Less, we have an extensive range of folding arm awnings for gardens.
If you’re looking for a highly effective all-weather solution to enjoy your garden, we can help, no matter the size.Not only do our garden awnings add aesthetic value to your home, they provide shade on hot, sunny days and cover from rain.
At Patio Awnings 4 Less, we factor in every degree of climatic changes, allowing us to precisely manufacture your garden awning from durable materials, capable of withstanding all weather conditions.
Our cutting edge folding arm garden awnings can be customised to match your taste in colour and style.

 cassette 300 awning

Cassette 300

 cassette 400 awning

Cassette 400

The benefits of folding arm garden awnings

When you have a Patio Awnings 4 Less folding arm garden awning installed, you can keep the protected area of your garden cooler by up to 20oC, perfect for safely enjoying the hot summer sun.
Alternatively, a garden awning will open up possibilities for using your garden even when it’s raining.
Relax outside, safe in the knowledge that your family and pets are safely protected from the weather all year round.
A folding arm garden awning from Patio Awnings 4 Less will surely make your garden the most desired party venue in the neighbourhood.
For more information about our range of folding arm awnings for domestic homes and commercial applications, please call 0800 587 9906 or contact ustoday.